Revitalizing discarded material from the industry and turn this into a fertilizer that make plants grow and provide healthy fruits and vegetables for the planet.

Fertilizers bring huge benefits to agriculture and society, but producing them is up until now heavily dependent on fossil fuels. We have therefore chosen to focus on finding ways to decarbonize fertilizer production

Today, ash from pulp & paper plants is lost to sea and rivers. The ash contain several chemicals and metals which pollute the environment.

Our plant for turning ash and waste salts into fertiliser will have the following positive environmental impact.

carbon impact

Off set fossil fuels:
Natural gas: 18 Million Nm3/year
CO2 emissions: 60 000 ton per year

emission of salt

Reduced salt emissons: 260 000 ton per annum
Phosphor: 6 ton per year
Potassium: 2400 ton per year